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Hello and Greetings to all that have encountered DuckloverX2's deviant page! :icono3oplz:

For those who know me, I'm considered to be a very unique individual that attains multiple facial expressions that humor friends and family, as well as a very loyal and understandable friend. Though I used to not be this way, I was the timid one throughout grade school, the only one with a terrified look in their preschool pic, the only one who did not sit in Santa Claus's lap in kindergarten, for he scares the hell out of me ever since, and a loner until middle school. It wasn't really until when I entered middle school that I became outgoing and crazy in the head (for that, I can be extremely random at times with no warning in advance) and categorized myself among the strange and amazing people.....yeah I'm one of those people...:evillaugh:

As long as I can remember, I've always been into art. Art is a way I can express myself as an individual and be an inspiration for the amazing thoughts that form from my imagination. I currently create art the traditional way; recently I just recieved a drawing tablet for Christmas (and loving it! ^-^) so I'm experimenting with that as well. Watercolor is also a medium I use, but only recently. But I plan to create some more pieces with it.

I still consider myself as a complete beginner but looking back at previous art work, I've improved immensely, and that's what I'm always putting in front of me when drawing or any other way of showing my creativity; I always say that I can do better with every piece I complete.

Criticizing my art work is fine with me, but it needs to be an honest critique; basically pros and cons of the art piece if you can. For all artists, critiques can help to improve their art.

Well that's all for now. Feel free to comment me if you wish!

~ DuckloverX2 :dummy:

Current Residence: On the the medlab....being harrassed by Knockout and "the others".
Favourite style of art: all kinds, especially dealing with pencil
MP3 player of choice: Ipod Classic
Fangirl/Lover of: Wheeljack, Breakdown, Dreadwing,Knockout,Starscream(those legs! :heart:), Undertaker, Grell Sutcliff, Jan Valentine, Rocklee, Guy Sensei, Inuyasha
Personal Quote: "When I die, you stay away from my body", "Oh my god there's so much hate in the world...I hate it!" ".....Fan-Tastic! -_-"
Dream Careers: Mixed Media Artist, Voice Actor, Author

The Decepticon Pledge

I pledge my allegiance,
to Megatron
and to the evil forces of the Decepticons
and to the dark Energon, for which it stands
one dictatorship, under Unicron, indestructible, with punishment, and slavery for all

(c) created by neogeokid

You say Optimus Prime,
I say Megatron.
You say Autobot,
I say Decepticon.
You say Peace,
You say Protect and Serve,
Put this on your page if you are a true Decepticon!!!


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